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IMPAKT Satellite Products :: Channel Master Satellite System aka 84E FTA Ku Band (40")

Channel Master Satellite System aka 84E FTA Ku Band (40")
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Channel Master Satellite System aka 84E FTA Ku Band (40")
Recommended for residential or commercial installations. Complete FTA Ku band Satellite System under $200.  Includes a FTA International Satellite Receiver, Channel Master - Prime Star heavy duty 1.0 Meter Satellite Antenna with Ground Mounting Pipe, Eagle Aspen Dual Linear LNBF for up to a two receiver installation option, 75' ft RG6 Cable, 6-way Wall Receptacle Surge Protector and Weather Proof Grease.

Quality matters. The Channel Master - Prime Star series 84E 1.0 meter antenna is the preferred dish for international satellite channels and is recommended for all regions. It can be used with a single or multiple receiver system. Includes everything needed to receive Ku-band International satellite signals on one or two receivers. The Channel Master - Prime Star 84E model offset antenna includes support ribs molded into the back of the antenna reflector for added strength and stability. 101cm x 76.2cm (39.75" wide x 30" high).

Our UPS online shipping system only allows 1 Antenna per invoice, multiple invoices are required for more than one antenna.  Please call for quantity prices and shipping estimates on 7 or more per order.

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Model # CMSYS1E841DL
Price: $179.00 (179000 points)
Reward Points: 1790

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