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Eagle Aspen 270 Ku Band Dual Output Linear LNBF "ON SALE"
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Eagle Aspen 270 Ku Band Dual Output Linear LNBF "ON SALE"
ON SALE  Free Shipping!! The Eagle Aspen LNBF is the most popular and is used with FTA, Ku Band and International satellite installations. It is a replacement lnbf for satellite dish made by Andrew, Channel Master, Primestar and Globecast 70E, 75E and 84E series antennas.Replaces all single and dual output LNBF. The Eagle Aspen is a twin-switched 270 KU dual output LNBF meaning each port is capable of voltage switching (13 Vdc = Vertical Polarization & 18 Vdc = Horizontal Polarization), from the receiver. The advantage of this type of LNB it no longer needs a mult-switch splitter for two receiver installations, simply run a coaxial cable from the LNB directly to the receiver(s).

It is recommended to use a weather proofing method inside each outdoor connector, which helps prevent deterioration and corrosion in the system. A Weather Proofing Grease Option; commonly used inside each connector is listed below.

  • Eagle Aspen 270KU
  • Dual Output Digital KU Linear LNBF
  • Input Freq: 11.7-12.2 GHz
  • Ouput Freq: 950-1450 MHz


Model # LEA270KU
Price: $24.00 (24000 points)
Reward Points: 240

Connector Seal Option

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