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GT-S40 Universal FTA LNB
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GT-S40 Universal FTA LNB
Best solution for individual and multi-satellite FTA satellite systems. Includes weather proof gasket.

It is recommended to use a weather proofing method inside each outdoor connector, which helps prevent deterioration and corrosion in the system. A Weather Proofing Grease Option; commonly used inside each connector is listed below.
  • Input Frequency Range from 10.70 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz.
  • Output Frequency Range from 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz
  • Various Input Frequency Range and L.O. for world-wide market.
  • Low Phase Noise for Analog or Digital reception
  • Voltage-Controlled H/V Switching (13/18 V)
  • Excellent D.R.O. stability.


Model # LIGT40s
Price: $9.95 (9950 points)
Reward Points: 99

Connector Seal Option

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