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Satellite List
C-Band only C & Ku Band Ku Band only
8' and up dish size req'd 18" and up dish size req'd


North & South America

Longitude Satellite Name
61.5W EchoStar 3
Rainbow 1
63.0W Estrela do Sul 1 (testing)
65.0W Brasilsat B2
70.0W Brasilsat B1
72.0W Nahuel 1
74.0W SBS 6
79.0W AMC 5
82.0W Nimiq 2
84.0W Brasilsat B3
85.0W XM Roll
85.0W AMC 9
87.0W AMC 3
91.0W Galaxy 11
Nimiq 1
92.0W Brasilsat B4
93.0W Intelsat Americas 6
94.0W Galaxy 12 (moving 0.5W/day)
95.0W Galaxy 3C
97.0W Intelsat Americas 5 (Telstar 5)
99.0W Galaxy 4R
101.0W DirecTV 1R/2/4S
103.0W AMC 1
105.0W AMC 2
Longitude Satellite Name
107.3W Anik F1
108.5W Galaxy 9 (moving 0.3E/day)
110.0W DirecTV 6
EchoStar 6
EchoStar 8
111.1W Anik E2R
113.0W Solidaridad 2
115.0W XM Rock
116.8W SatMex 5
118.7W Anik E2 (incl. 0.7)
119.0W DirecTV 5
EchoStar 7
121.0W EchoStar 9/Intelsat Americas 13
123.0W Galaxy 10R
125.0W Galaxy 5
127.0W Galaxy 13/Horizons 1
129.0W Intelsat Americas 7
131.0W Satcom C3
133.0W Galaxy 1R
135.0W Satcom C4
137.0W AMC 7
139.0W AMC 8
146.0W AMC 10 (testing)
148.0W EchoStar 1
EchoStar 2
157.0W EchoStar 4 (incl. 0.6)


Atlantic Satellites

Longitude Satellite Name
1.0W Thor 2
Thor 3
Intelsat 707
4.0W Amos 1
Amos 2
5.0W Telecom 2C
Atlantic Bird 3
7.0W Nilesat 101
Nilesat 102
8.0W Telecom 2D
Atlantic Bird 2
11.0W Express 3A
12.5W Atlantic Bird 1
14.0W Gorizont 26 (incl. 7.2)
15.0W Telstar 12
18.0W Intelsat 901
22.0W NSS 7
Longitude Satellite Name
24.5W Intelsat 905
27.5W Intelsat 907
30.0W Hispasat 1C
Hispasat 1D
31.5W Intelsat 801
34.5W Intelsat 903
37.5W Satcom C1
Telstar 11
40.5W NSS 806
43.0W PAS 6
45.0W PAS 1R
50.0W Intelsat 705
53.0W Intelsat 706
55.5W Intelsat 805
58.0W PAS 9


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