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Winegard 26" inch Satellite Antenna and Single Non-HD LNBF
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Winegard 26" inch Satellite Antenna and Single Non-HD LNBF
Larger than the DISH500. Reduces picture freezing with its larger surface. Actual Dish size is 26" high x 24" wide. Perfect upgrade users of the 18" or 20" dishes. Designed for either Directv or Dish Network satellite positions.  Includes Dish, Single output Non-HD LNBF, Wall/Roof Mount, Signal Combiner and LNBF Support Arm. Can be used as a spare or  second dish. Everything you need to lock-in on quality satellite signals. Single satellite position. 

Optional Features
  • LNBF Eagle Aspen Dual R-Style : Eagle Aspen Dual Non-HD LNBF Rectangle Style mounting. Compatible with Directv. Connects (1) satellite position to (1) or (2) Receivers or Splitter.


Model # DW26
Price: $18.00 (18000 points)
Reward Points: 180


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