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Toroidal Satellite Dish Dual Reflector (Holds up to 8 LNBs)
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Toroidal Satellite Dish Dual Reflector (Holds up to 8 LNBs)
The double reflector Toroidal satellite dish can be used for FTA, Directv and Dish Network all at the same time.  The Toroidal Dual Reflector Antenna, receives several satellite positions simultaneously using only one dish.  Holds up to 8 LNBFs and can be positioned for 8 different satellite positions, all at the same time.
  • North America: Bell @ 91 W
  • DirecTV @ 101 W, 110 W, 119W
  • Dish Network @ 110, 119
  • StarChoice @ 107 W and 111W.
  • FTA: multiple positions are available.
Multi-beam Antenna is designed to reflect signal twice through the main reflector and sub-reflector. Ready to be used with multiple LNBFs. Worldwide application. Easy to install. Applicable to SRP- LNBs or DRP-LNBs. Azimuth range 40 degrees.

Build your satellite system with the LNBF options below or purchase the satellite antenna only without the LNBF.  We offer a discounted price on (1) or (2) of the same LNBF type.


Model # DSST-55
Price: $40.00 (40000 points)
Reward Points: 400

Directv / Dish Network LNBF Option

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