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Cable Interface Box-Demarcation Enclosure
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Cable Interface Box-Demarcation Enclosure
ON SALE  at Wholesale Pricing - suggested retail price is 36.99 The Cable Interface Box or Demarcation Enclosure is a weather proof enclosure which conceal wires, network cables, splitters and ground blocks, while providing a secure compartment for their connections. Constructed of a weather-resistant/high impact thermoplastic alloy, the hinged cover design allows easy access while the self-sealing individual entrance ports prevent water and insects from entering. The organized mounting arrangements not only create a standardized method for high quality drop installations, it also allows for future expandability for broadband equipment. Size = 8" x 14"

Self-sealing individual entrance ports
Internal mounting bosses create a standardized mounting arrangement
Optional custom logo
Self-latching, hinged cover design allows easy access without loose parts
Vertical splitter mounting plate available
Weather-resistant/high impact thermoplastic alloy


Model # WHCIB
Price: $12.00 (12000 points)
Reward Points: 120


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