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Sony RM-Y802 Remote Control
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Sony RM-Y802 Remote Control
This is the factory replacement for the Sony SAT-W50 and 55 TV Receiver (refurbished)

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  • MUTING When programmed, mutes the TV sound. Press again to restore sound. (Works when the remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • TV/VIDEO Cycles through the TV's video inputs. (Works when the remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • PIP Displays the Picture-In-Picture window. Press again to remove the PIP window.
  • WINDOW Switches focus between the PIP window and full-screen TV. Use to select the PIP window, then use arrow keys to move the PIP window up/down/left/right.
  • Review Reverses live or recorded programming. Press again up to three times to reverse more quickly.
  • Play Plays back recorded programming.
  • Forward Scan Fast-forwards recorded programming. Press again up to three times to fast-forward more quickly.
  • Record Records a live program or a selected program in the Guide.
  • Stop Halts the current recording session or halts playback of a recording.
  • Pause Pauses live or recorded programming.
  • Replay Jumps back 7 seconds and replays live or recorded programming.
  • Jump Ahead Skips ahead 30 seconds in recorded programming.
  • Number buttons Enter a channel number or type numbers in a text-entry box.
  • Period Add periods to separate major/minor channel numbers.
  • ENTER Confirms a channel number after you type it (optional).
  • VOL Press + to increase volume. Press - to decrease volume. (Works when remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • CH Press + to go to the next channel. Press - to go to the previous channel.
  • CODE SET Programs the remote control to operate the TV.
  • POWER-TV Turns the TV on and off. (Works when the remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • POWER-SAT Turns the receiver on and off.
  • FUNCTION-TV Instructs the remote to control the TV. (Works when the remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • FUNCTION-SAT Instructs the remote to control the receiver.
  • MENU Displays the TV's Main Menu (controls for hue, brightness, etc.). Press again to exit the Menu. (Works when the remote is programmed to operate the TV.)
  • EXIT Returns to full-screen TV picture.
  • RECENT Displays the most recent Web pages or TV channel.
  • TV/WEB Switches between TV and Web view.
  • BACK Displays the last screen viewed, or puts away the on-screen keyboard.
  • MY SHOWS Displays a list of recorded programs and scheduled recordings.
  • HOME Displays the TV Home or Web Home screen.
  • Arrow buttons Press the arrows to select an on-screen item with the yellow box. Press [+] to confirm your selection.
  • INFO Displays information about the TV program or Web page you are viewing.
  • GUIDE Displays the on-screen program guide.
  • OPTIONS Displays a TV or Web Options panel. Press again to hide the panel.
  • SCROLL Moves a page up or down when it extends beyond the screen.


Model # SRMY802b
Price: $29.00 (29000 points)
Reward Points: 290


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